Kick-Off Symposium for JSPS Core-to-Core Program

“ Research on the Public Policies on Migration, Multiculturalization and Welfare for the Regeneration of Communities in European, Asian and Japanese Societies”

Date:2016.10.22 (Sat) -23 (Sun)


Venue:Centenial Hall, Rokko Hall





 Please register by Email to core2core.kobe[at] before 10 October 2016.


 From “JR Rokko-Michi” or “Hankyu Rokko” stations, take the Kobe City Bus
 No. 36 for “Tsurukabuto Danchi”, and get off at 'Shindai Bunri Nogakubu-Mae' bus stop, we are another few minutes walk away.


Saturday 22 October 2016
 9:30-10:00  Opening Remarks

  ・ Noriyuki INOUE (Executive Vice President, Kobe University)
  ・ Kazunari SAKAI (Kobe University)

 10:00-12:00  Session 1:  What Do Borders and Human Rights Mean for Migrants?

  Chair: Hirotaka INOUE (Kobe University)
 ・ Yasemin SOYSAL (University of Essex), “Immigration, Citizenship, and Human Rights: What's New?”
 ・ Mauro ZAMBONI (Stockholm University), “Law-making in the Face of the Migration Crisis: Finding the Best Legistlative Policy (At Least in the Case of Sweden)”
  ・ Tetsu SAKURAI (Kobe University), “The Tension between Citizenship and Democracy in Contemporary Multiculturalizing Societies”
  Discussant: Valeria MARZOCCO (University of Naples Federico II)

 12:00-13:30  Lunch
 13:30-15:30  Session 2:  Migration Issues and International and Domestic Governance

  Chair: Yoko AOSHIMA (Kobe University)
  ・ Hirotaka WATANABE (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), “International  Environment on Migration in Europe”
  ・ Noemi LANNA (University of Naples Orientale) , “International Migration in East Asia: Some Preliminary Reflections”
  ・ Chen-Wei LIN (Tokoha University), “Care-workers, Migrant Policy, and Welfare State in Taiwan”
  ・ Lluc LOPEZ i VIDAL (Open University of Catalonia), “Migration Policy in Spain. A Comparative Analysis between Spain and Japan”
  Discussant: Yuki SEKINE (Kobe University)

 16:00-18:00  Session 3:  Intimacy/Publicness beyond Borders

  Chair: Kaoru AOYAMA (Kobe University)
  ・ Ruri ITO (Hitotsubashi University), “Filipina Domestic Workers in France”
  ・ Sureeporn PUNPUING (Mahidol University), “Cross-Marriage Migration: A Case Study of Thai Women and European Men”
  ・ Kyoko KUSAKABE (Asia Institute of Technology), “Social Policy Issues for Migrant Workers at the Local Level: Reflection from Thailand, Japan and Korea”
  ・ Héctor CEBOLLA-BOADO (University of Madrid), “The Impact of Physical Separation from Parents on the Wellbeing of the Children of Migrants”
  Discussant: Shoko HIRAI (Kobe University)

 18:30-20:30  Reception Party 


 Sunday 23 October 2016
 10:00-12:00 Session 4: Localized Multiculturalism and Nationalism

  Chair: Hiroki OKADA
  ・ Makiko MATSUDA (Kanazawa University), “Japanese Language Education in the Age of Pluringualism/Pluriculturalism”
  ・ Huong Thu NGUYEN (Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City), “Maintenance of Culture and Identity of Refugee from Vietnam in Hyogo, Japan
  ・ Ahmet KILINÇ (Yıldırım Beyazıt University), “The Effects of Multiculturalism on Law System: The Ottoman State Example”

 12:00-13:30  Lunch
 13:30-15:30  Session 5: Cultural Policy about Immigration and Refugee

  Chair: Kazuo FUJINO (Kobe University)
  ・ Christine REGUS (Senate Chancellery Cultural Affairs Berlin),“Cultural Policy and Forced Migration in Berlin: Projects: Measures and Challenges”
  ・ Vladimir KRECK (Kobe University), “Civic Integration Concepts in Western Europe”
  ・ Kazuko IWAMOTO (Kobe University), “Problem of Immigrants and Cultural Policy in Belgium”
  ・ Toshiaki AMANO (Kobe University), “Immigration Policy and Cultural Programs in Japan”

 16:00-18:00  Session 6: How Do Emigrants Adopt Themselves to Local Culture?

  Chair: Ke WANG (Kobe University)
  ・ Laixing CHEN (University of Hyogo), “Quasi-official Network System of Chinese General Chambers of Commerce in Modern Asia”
  ・ Bo-Wei CHIANG (National Taiwan Normal University), “Diasporic Communities?: A Study of Translocal Chinese Consciousness and Identity of Family, Lineage
    and Nation State, Quemoy's Cases”
  ・ En-Mei WANG (National Taiwan Normal University), “The Legal Status and Citizenship of Oversea Chinese in Japan and South Korea”
  ・ Daisuke HIGUCHI (Kobe University), “The Port City as a Contact Zone: Considering its Potential through the Lens of 1940s Kobe Literature”
  Discussant: Cangbai WANG (University of Westminster)

 18:00-18:15  Closing Remarks

  Kazunari SAKAI (Kobe University) 


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