Migration Issues and International and Domestic Governance


Principal Investigator in Kobe University:
Kazunari SAKAI (Professor, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies)

Principal Investigator in the Oversea Partner Universities:
Gilles FERRAGU(Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Paris West Nanterre)
Noemi LANNA(Associate Professor, Department for Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies, University of Naples L'Orientale)


2016 Research Exchange Activity Plan 

With regard to the formation of and change in international and domestic governance caused by the increase in migrants, we will delve into the topics of 1) international environment analysis about migrant attitudes, 2) migrants and identity politics, and 3) welfare policy analysis. However, in 2016, we will also conduct surveys on the situation in Asia while realistically analyzing the serious problem of migrant and refugee influx occurring most particularly in Europe. To analyze the push and pull factors for human movement and the issues related to the political process of the receiving society, each scholar will choose a target study area based on the following disciplines: political science, international relations theory, economics, sociology, history, and anthropology; subsequently, we will determine a five-year research plan. We will also promote the exchange of young researchers and the Next Generation Seminar. 


Anticipated Results in 2016

Research on the formation of and changes in governance brought about by human movement has been thoroughly discussed in each individual discipline. However, in this joint research, through the interdisciplinary exchange of opinions and information, we can confirm the mutual relationship among the issues that each discipline focuses on. Through this approach, we will identify the issues regarding the aforementioned three subthemes that have become the biggest political and social problems today in Japan, Europe, and Asia. While continuing to collaborate on other joint research, we will move toward discovering a dynamic shared within Japan, Europe, and Asian regions and establish an analysis system for these.