Cultural Policy about Immigration and Refugee


Principal Investigator in Kobe University:

Kazuo FUJINO(Professor, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University)

Principal Investigator in the Oversea Partner University:
Wolfgang SCHNEIDER(Professor, Department of Cultural Policy, University of Hildesheim)


2016 Research Exchange Activity Plan

Due to the deteriorating political situation in the Middle East, since last year, a large number of refugees have been flowing mainly from Syria into Europe. The number of refugees accepted in Germany alone has surpassed 100 million. Amid the increasing popular support for political parties that oppose the Islamization of Europe, Germany’s cultural policy officials are attempting to relieve the friction between Germany as the host society and the refugees and develop cultural policies that provide mental and emotional care to refugees. The University of Hildesheim’s Cultural Policy Research Center is conducting research and providing recommendations and advice on these pressing issues. In 2016, they have been narrowing the focus to “German Cultural Policies on Refugees” and promoting joint research through researcher exchanges. Professor Schneider from the University of Hildesheim will stay at Kobe University (scheduled for November) and Kobe University’s Professor Fujino and Professor Kreck will stay at the University of Hildesheim (scheduled for March) and conduct joint research.


Anticipated Results in 2016

The “Cultural Policies on Refugees” should be noted as an example of policy that responds to the new social problems linked to globalization. This approach is effective not only from the perspective of protecting international human rights but also as a way of fostering sustainable economic development and supporting societies with a declining birthrate and aging population. We anticipate that the 2016 research exchange activities that will examine Japan’s policy issues and international contributions in Asia and the world will be highly valued from a policy perspective as well.