JSPS研究拠点形成事業 Core-to-Core Program





Date:2017.03.17 (Fri)  12:30〜17:30  (Reception: 18:00~20:00) 


Venue : Kobe University - Graduate School of Intercultural Studies – Grand Meeting Room E401


Language: English


Program (tentative)

12:30~              Registration
13:00~13:10    Opening Remarks

13:10~15:10    Session 1
       Chair: AOYAMA Kaoru (Professor, Kobe University)


  • The appropriation of Japanese films by the U.S. government during the World War II: immigrants, archive, and repatriation

   ITAKURA Fumiaki(Associate Professor, Kobe University)


  • Representation of migrants and minority “race” in Thai media: cases from television drama, movie, music, and advertisement

   Piya PONGSAPITAKSANTI (Associate Professor, University of Nagasaki)


  • Migration experience and self-narration: the approach of the AMM - Archive of Migrant Memories, Italy

   Gianluca  GATTA (Research Fellow, AMM-Archive of Migrant Memories and University of Napoli L'Orientale)
       Commentator: AOYAMA Kaoru (Professor, Kobe University)


15:10~15:30    Coffee Break  


15:30~17:30     Session 2             
       Chair: OKADA Hiroki (Professor, Kobe University)


  • The curious conjugation between the supporting and the hate speech for foreign residents in Japan and Korea

   OKADA Hiroki (Professor, Kobe University)


  • Understanding acculturation, coping, social support and mental health among South Asian migrant workers in Thailand

   Farid ALAM KHAN (PhD Student, Mahidol University)


  • Enlarged corporatism beyond national boundaries: Nepalis' transnational civil society and the origin country 

   UESUGI Taeko (Lecturer, Senshu University)
       Commentator:  MATSUI Shinnosuke (Research Fellow, Kobe University)
18:00-20:00    Reception


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