Second Anglo-Japanese International Workshop on British Idealism
T.H. Green and the Common Good Politics: Community, Cyberspace and Colonialism

Date: 17 July 2017 (Sat) 13:20-16:40


Venue : 

Kobe University 


Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Room A403 
            1-2-1, Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe, JAPAN 


Co-hosted by: Promis (Research Center for Promoting Intercultural Studies, Kobe Univ.)

Language: English



     Opening remarks (Dr. Terao) 13:20-13:25 (5min)
Speaker 1: Prof. David Boucher (Cardiff) 13:25-13:55 (30min)
   Title: “Sane and Insane Imperialism: British Idealists, New Liberalism and Liberal Imperialism at the turn of the 19th century”
Speaker 2: Prof. James Connelly (Hull) 13:55-14:25 (30min)
Title: “The Common Good: T.H. Green Meets the Cyber Domain”
Roundtable 14:25-14:55 (30min)
Break     14:55-15:05 (10min)
Speaker 3: Dr. Hanno Terao (Kyoritsu) 15:05-15:35 (30min)
Title: “Did T.H. Green Recognize Disability Rights? A Common Good Ethics for Social Inclusion”
Speaker 4: Prof. Colin Tyler (Hull) 15:35-16:05 (30min)
Title: “T.H. Green, Interculturalism and the Radical Common Good”
       Roundtable 16:05-16:35 (30min)
       Closing remarks (Prof Connelly) 16:35-16:40 (5min)

Co-sponsored by

Promis (Research Center for Promoting Intercultural Studies, Kobe Univ.)


JSPS Core-to-Core Program,“Research on the Public Policies on Migration, Multiculturalization and Welfare for the Regeneration of Communities in European, Asian and Japanese Societies”


Centre for Idealism and the New Liberalism, University of Hull, United Kingdom


Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation