JSPS研究拠点形成事業 Core-to-Core Program






共同研究 Joint Researches


For theoretical analysis and macro-analysis, the topics “What Do Borders and Human Rights Mean for Migrants?” and “Migration Issues and International and Domestic Governance” have been established as the joint research base. The topics “Intimacy/Publicness beyond Borders,” “Localized Multiculturalism and Nationalism,” “Cultural Policy on Immigration and Refugees,” and “How Do Emigrants Adopt Themselves to Local Culture?” have been concurrently promoted for micro-analysis. The scholars have participated in this collaborative research while providing interdisciplinary cooperation. They are promoting a research exchange that will lead to the construction of an international research center that performs comprehensive analysis of a group of problems ranging from the division of local communities due to migration, multiculturalization, and the welfare crisis to the regeneration of communities.

What Do Borders and Human Rights Mean for Migrants? 

Migration Issues and International and Domestic Governance 

Intimacy/Publicness beyond Borders 

Localized Multiculturalism and Nationalism 

Cultural Policy about Immigration and Refugee

How do emigrants adopt themselves to local culture?