Learning from the Implementation of Regional Cooperative Activities

Learning from the Implementation of Regional Cooperative Activities

Initiatives to Contribute to Society through Art Management

Foreign Cultural Exchange Center – Art Management and Regional Cooperation Manager
Professor Kazuo FUJINO (Art and Culture Studies)

Art management is still a very new field of study. The goal is to create mediators who bridge the gap between art and social fields, but here at the Faculty of Intercultural Studies, we teach a style of art management with an emphasis on international cultural exchange. Another important role for art management is to use art to help bring out society’s hidden potential. For this, there is a need for a specialist to bring cultural institutions, cultural groups, sponsoring enterprises and public administrations together, explaining the value of art to each. At the Faculty of Intercultural Studies, we have provided a course for the past four years that combines lectures and demonstrations to create people like this. “Art Management Studies,” “Art and Cultural Environment,” “Art in Cultural Formation,” “Cultural Institution Studies,” and “Cultural Administration Studies” combine with courses such as “Art Management Practical,” “Art Production” and other demonstrative subjects, as well as bringing artists from both abroad and within Japan for the Kobe International Art Festival. The periodically hosted “Kobe University Community Concert” in Kobe University’s Rokko Hall or other facilities nearby has also become known as a place of intercultural exchange that ties the region and university together. Additionally, art management education with accommodation for overseas study provided by the credit transfer system provides a global viewpoint and a significant advantage that is particular to the Faculty of Intercultural Studies and cannot be found in other universities.

Schubert’s “Die Forelle” at the 2011 art festival



Children’s Asian International Film Festival

Foreign Culture Research and Exchange Center
– Multicultural Coexistence and Regional Cooperation Manager
Professor Hiroki OKADA (Foreign Cultural Inter-relations Course)

At IREC, we organize many regional communication activities such as the Oxbridge English Summer Camp, as well as activities with South Awaji City and with foreigner groups residing in Japan (such as the Kobe Resident Foreigner Aid Center).

In 2011, as part of our regional communication activities with South Awaji City, we held the Children’s Asian International Film Festival (cosponsored by South Awaji city, the foreign ministry, the ministry of culture and others). This is an international film festival based around films submitted by primary, middle and high schools around Asia.

In 2010, students of the Faculty of Intercultural Study’s research department worked on producing the Children’s Asian International Film Festival Guide. A group of 12 masters and 23 research department students, totaling 35 students (including 9 exchange students) worked together to pen the “Film Outline,” “Message to the Author,” “Region Featured in the Film” and “The Film’s Socio-Cultural Background.” Additionally, on December 3rd, the day of the festival, they volunteered to support the administration of the festival, working with local volunteer staff to greet the 120 attendees from around Asia. Through the writing of the guide, the students had a chance to further their understanding on the problems facing families around Japan and all of Asia, as well as coming closer to their region through volunteering, and contributing towards bringing a more cosmopolitan atmosphere to their area.

Supporting the Children’s Asian International Film Festival as volunteers

The Children’s Asian International Film Festival Guide

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