Asia-Pacific Culture Studies

Asia-Pacific Culture Studies

22 August 2017 Last updated

Overview of the course

Going through major changes in economy and international exchanges, the Asia-Pacific region is rapidly growing. In this sense it is one of the most active regions in the world. However, just following the superficial flow of such development is not enough to understand the characteristics of the region.East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Area all have extremely complex and diverse old traditions, and have become what they are as such tradition has changed with the wave of globalization. Therefore, in order to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the region, we need to conduct specialized in-depth studies on many aspects including social structure, religion, history and economic circumstances. This course has a well-established guidance system where professors with diverse specialties teach research methods in classes on a broad range of research fields.

Students’ research themes
  • Studies on Thai wives who have Japanese husbands
  • Representations and practives of Ainu Culture today -Case studies of cultural activies in Shiraoi town
  • Historical studies on the influence on the Japanese image in Australia from the early development of Australian-Japan relationships
  • Naxi native official surnamed Mu in Lijiang, Yunnan during the Ming Period 14-17 centuries
  • College students’ conflicts about love and sex in Indonesia
  • Studies on secretaries and the training of secretaries in Outer Mongolia in the Qing period
  • A study about the Ownership of Farmlands and its Contracts in Inner Mongolia during Manchu Qing Period: Cases in Guihuacheng Tümed Banner (12th Asia Pasific Research Prize Winner article)
Teaching staff

Tomomi ITO, Associate Professor
Subjects: Culture and Society in Southeast Asia.
Research fields: Southeast Asian studies, Thai studies, studies on Buddhism and women

Ke WANG, Professor
Subjects: Culture and Society in China.
Research fields: History of Chinese modern thought, Relation between China and Japan

Sachiko KUBOTA, Professor
Subjects: Culture and Society in Oceania.
Research fields: Cultural anthropology on Oceania

Yasushi SADAYOSHI, Professor
Subjects: National Integration in Southeast Asia.
Research fields: Modern history of Indonesia, studies on overseas Chinese.

Shinichi TANIGAWA, Associate Professor
Subjects: Politics and Society in China.
Research fields: Political and social movements in China, Changes in the state-society relations in China

Mamoru HAGIWARA, Professor
Subjects: Culture and Society in Mongolia.
Research fields: Asian history, especially Mongolian and Chinese history from the Qing period to the present

Faculty of Intercultural Studies/ Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
1-2-1, Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe, JAPAN 657-8501