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Overview of the course

In the Japanology Course, we explore human activities in Japan from a cultural point of view while positioning Japanese culture relative to various cultures in the world. We aim to address, jointly study and learn an extremely wide range of cultural and social issues from ancient to modern times concerning literature, arts, religion and philosophy. The course also provides opportunities to improve professional skills for reading ancient papers and reviewing documents, which are often required to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and society. Moreover, the course provides specialized training to foreign students so that they can discuss Japanese culture and society by an academic process without being captivated by popular views of Japan. Our objective is to nurture individuals who can discuss Japan with specialized skills and high-level academic capabilities.

Students’ research themes

Master course: Research on gender equality program of Kobe city; A study on the source History of Onsenji-temple in Kinosaki; A research on the thoughts of the flower arrangement practice in the Edo period; Images of Japanese performing arts displayed in journals for national propaganda.

Doctoral course: Ethnographical study on the folk music and dance for rice-planting; A study of folk literature in connection with feudal lords in the early modern era; A study on cultural policy on radio broadcasting in the post-war Okinawa under US military occupation; A study on iemoto system in cha-no-yu (tea ceremony) since the modern era; Yamada Kousaku and film music; A study of the hygiene problems in East Asia in the 19th century: focusing on an open port Incheon, Korea.

Teaching staff

Fumiaki ITAKURA, Associate Professor
Subjects: Japanese Visual Arts.
Research fields: Studies on Japanese films and films in general. Based on the methodology of film study, Associate Professor Itakura studies Japanese films from international and historical viewpoints.

Shizue OSA, Professor
Subjects: Japanese Modern history, Gender history
Research fields:Studies on Modern Japanese history. Professor Osa conducts studies on the War memory and Occupied Japan.

Masato KARASHIMA, Associate Professor
Subjects: International History, Japanese Studies
Research fields:Japan-Southeast Asia relations, American philanthropy, Transwar studies

Nobuyuki KONNO, Associate Professor
Subjects: Japanese Language and Culture
Research fields: Japanese intellectual history. Associate Professor Konno conducts studies on the nationalism from the 1920s to the 1940s from viewpoints with an awareness of history and religion.

Yaroslav Shulatov, Associate Professor
Subjects: Cultures and Societies in Russia and East Asia
Research fields:Russo-Japanese relations and the history of international relations in East Asia during the second half of XIX ~ first half of XX century, particularly the foreign policy of Japan and Russia (Soviet Union) and decision making process through the position of various political actors.

Naoko TERAUCHI, Professor
Subjects: Japanese Performing Arts
Research fields:Studies on Japanese traditional music and performing arts. Focusing on sounds made with the body, Professor Terauchi discusses cultures of the Japanese archipelago in relation to various cultures in Asia and other parts of the world.

Faculty of Intercultural Studies/ Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
1-2-1, Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe, JAPAN 657-8501