Systems of Second Language Education

Systems of Second Language Education

15 July 2019 Last updated

Overview of the course

In Foreign Language Education Systems, we research the fields of linguistics, psychology, expression and media analysis as they relate to foreign language education, developing students’ ability to link them together and employ them in teaching foreign languages. In particular, in the field of educational research, we focus on:
(1) researching linguistic education by applying knowledge of linguistics, psychology and related fields
(2) researching broad methods of teaching literary culture and the works that reflect them, as well as adapting this to teaching languages
(3) demonstrating research relating to preparing an environment for linguistic education, such as IT education systems
(4) researching the environmental, cultural and societal bases of linguistic education
(5) assisting research on support in the teaching scene, such as demonstrations of educational guidance

Students’ research themes

Master’s program: Use of Lexical Stress Information in Silent Reading and Speech Production by Japanese Learners of English: Evidence from Eye Movements and Naming Tasks, The Effects of Short-Term Overseas Training and Corrective Feedback on Second Language Writing of Japanese Learners of English

Doctoral program: The automatization of grammatical encoding process during oral sentence production by Japanese EFL learners: A syntactic priming, An investigation of the automaticity in parsing for Japanese EFL learners: Examining from psycholinguistic and neurophysiological perspectives

Teaching staff

Atsuhisa SHIMAZU, Professor
Subjects: Special Lecture on Cultural-linguistic Expression.
Research fields: Modern American literature. I am particularly interested in Jewish American literature, and am attempting to decipher Bernard Malamud’s novels and short stories from the perspective of expression.

Daichi HIROTA, Associate Professor
Subjects: Special Lecture on Lingua-cultural Environment I.
Research fields: French literature. My object of study is modern French poetry represented by Baudelaire, and I am trying to describe his poetics from a linguistic viewpoint. In addition, I am interested in literary criticism and language teaching through the use of computers and the Internet.

Sachiko YASUDA, Associate Professor
Subjects: Special Lecture on Second Language Acquisition
Research fields: My main area of research is in second language writing, particularly longitudinal development of academic literacy of EFL learners.

Hirokazu YOKOKAWA, Professor
Subjects: Special Lecture on Second Language Cognition.
Research fields: English education studies and psycholinguistics. My main research themes are L2 reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as the cognitive mechanisms for vocabulary, and how all of this might be adapted for practical applications in classes.

Faculty of Intercultural Studies/ Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
1-2-1, Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku, Kobe, JAPAN 657-8501