What to learn – From the Graduation Thesis Subjects of March 2012 Graduates

What to learn – From the Graduation Thesis Subjects of March 2012 Graduates

Crossing Cultures

Connecting People with Language and without

  • Characteristic sounds of the Kochi dialect – Elongation of the successive “ei” vowel sounds
  • Comparative study of Japanese subtitles and voiceovers for home comedies
  • Reverse electronic onomatopoeia dictionary using image parameters
  • Influences of visibility and favorability in unconscious face recognition

Various Cultures and their History

  • Music of Kagoshima and the West – Focusing on military music and wind instruments –
  • The towns and buildings of the Czech Republic
  • The relationship between wine and Western culture – The symbolism and role of wine –
  • French perspectives on love and marriage – From historical transitions to the present –

Men and Women

  • Study of sex-related work – Dismantling the “double standard” –
  • Exploring the role of gender in magazines
  • Differences in the sexes and overcoming the boundaries
  • Gender and identity portrayed in the bodily imagery of modern art

Ethnicities and Cultures

  • Problems with Australian multiculturalism as evidence in the Cronulla riots
    – Why did a racial riot occur in a multi-cultural nation? –
  • Observations on the Christianization of aborigines
    – Can aboriginal culture and Christian philosophy coexist? –
  • Nationalism and monuments in Germany
    – The controversy over monuments for Europe’s holocaust victims –
  • The current state of affirmative action
    – From affirmation to preserving diversity –

The Frontline of Culture

  • Society and culture through exhibitions – Exhibits in the Louvre – From post-war to modern –
  • Multicultural exhibits of the musée du quai Branly – Defining the language of culture –
  • The surrealism of Rene Magritte – The differences with Andre Breton –


Crossing Borders

Regarding international politics

  • Understanding Japan’s middle power diplomacy – Focusing on theory and reality –
  • The culture of Angkor – The cultural prestige of the 1931 Paris International Colonial Exposition
  • Counter Insurgency in Malaysia (1948-1989) – Military and non-military actions –
  • Escape from camp Cowra – Japanese prisoner options –

Development and Culture

  • Informal education by NGOs – Based on the Vietnam experience –
  • Role of external parties in participatory development – The selection of beneficiaries –
  • Definition of development – Examples of farming villages in Thailand –

People Crossing Borders

  • Immigration policy and the French Republic
  • Integration failure in Germany and the limits of national immigration policies
    – The differences in immigration conditions and the possibility of regional integration overlooked by the government –
  • Problems and prospects for the abduction of children in international divorces
  • Study of foreigners living in Japan during the Great East Japan Earthquake
    – What was learned from the perspective of foreigners living in Japan –

Questioning the World’s Future

  • Public-private cooperation in the fight against urban poverty in the U.S.
    – Comparison of U.S.A., Sweden, and The Netherlands –
  • Causes for the nuclear renaissance in Japan – Energy policy – past and future –
  • A scene from the Annual Freshman Orientation in May: Group discussion
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