Job title Professor
Degree D.Sc.
Graduate Computers and Communication
Faculty Human Communication and Information Science
DB http://kuid.ofc.kobe-u.ac.jp/InfoSearch/html/researcher/researcher_MnU9z-8GPefO-IBQ3mbe3w_ja.html;jsessionid=FC80CF259D52651E84CB97C453535BA5
Mail kang(AT)kobe-u.ac.jp
Website http://www2.kobe-u.ac.jp/~kang/
Research Field Educational Technology, Computer Science, Simulation Science
Keywords Information And Communication Technology, Data Analysis, E-Learning Systems
Affiliation Japan Society for Educational Technology,
The Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication Engineers,
The Physical Society of Japan
Activity ・Min Kang, Yaheng Zou, Harumi Kashiwagi, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki and Makoto Kaburagi,"An analysis of learners' response to diagnostic rhyme test",Proc. of Annual international conference on education & E-Learning, pp.110-114 (2011)
・Min Kang, Harumi Kashiwagi, Yaheng Zou, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki and Makoto Kaburagi,"An Application of Bayes' Theorem to Evaluate Synthetic Speech for Computer-Assisted Language Learning",SELECTED TOPICS IN EDUCATION AND EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (Proc. 9th WSEAS International Conference on Education and Educational Technology) pp. 253-257(2010)
・Min Kang, "Learning culture and language through ICTs:methods for enhanced instruction Chapter XIV Synthetic speech in computer-enhanced foreign language learning", Information Science Reference(2009)
Language Japanese, English, Chinese
Prospective students My research interest is in human computer interactions in computer-assisted learning. It especially focuses on searching for ways to make computers easier to use for both students and teachers. Currently, I am exploring new approaches to analyzing the learner’s characteristics and developing systems that meet the needs of both student and teachers. In these research projects it is crucial to adapt human communication skills to computer-mediated communication. I'd love to hear from students who are interested in discussing this field.

Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University
Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University