JSPS研究拠点形成事業 Core-to-Core Program





Intimacy/Publicness beyond Borders
日本拠点代表者 Principal Investigator in Kobe University:

  •    青山 薫 Kaoru AOYAMA
  •   (神戸大学国際文化学研究科教授 Professor, Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University

相手国拠点代表者 Principal Investigator in the Oversea Partner University:

  •    Sureeporn PUNPUING
  •   (Associate Professor, Mahidol Migration Center, Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University) 

ケアをめぐる関係と労働がグローバル化し、「再生産様式の転換」とも呼ばれる事態が進行するなか、近代市民社会成立以来の公私――公的世界と親密な関係性――の区別が揺らいでいる。一方、ケアを社会の周縁に位置づける傾向と移民・移住者を他者化する傾向が、同時に激化しているようにも見える。こういった、人の移動がもたらす歴史的な転換と軋轢に際し、当課題では、具体的に 1)家事労働、介護・看護労働、性労働、結婚にかかわる移民・移住研究、2)「移民」の表象の研究 というテーマを設け、28年度は、神戸と釜山でのシンポジウムを通じて、それぞれの研究の日欧亜における現在までの蓄積を比較する。そして、各地で何が起きているのか、差異および類似点は何か、差異や類似の要因は何かを検討していく。

 Relationships and labor related to providing care have become globalized, and while situations taking shape as “changing mode of reproduction” advance, the distinction between public and private since the advent of modern civil society has weakened. At the same time, the tendency to marginalize care and see new and old immigrants as the “Other” also seems to be intensifying. Based on such historical transformation and conflict resulting from migration, in this activity, we specifically focus on the subject areas of 1) housework, nursing and care labor; sex work; and immigration and emigration related to marriage, and 2) representation of and by the “immigrants.” We will compare the research from Europe, Japan, and other parts of Asia that has been undertaken on each of these subject areas. Subsequently, we will investigate the occurrences in each region, the similarities and differences, and how these similarities and differences will shape future research plans.